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Authentic Indian Food in North London

Indian cuisines fast-growing popularity in the western countries can be largely attributed to its unique blend of flavors. Most of the Indian curries include herbs like, cumin, turmeric, ginger, cardamom and capsicum that have strong anti-bacterial properties.

Stats have proven that Indian foods use 200 out of 381 cooking ingredients in the world.

With its complex flavors, intoxicated spices and herbs, Indian dishes are enjoyed in several countries across the world. Many researchers have found that Indian dishes use at least a minimum of 7 unique ingredients contrasting the western dishes that are usually prepared with similar flavors.

Indian cuisine comprises a wide variety of regional cuisines and one of the popular among the Indians is the Tandoor dishes. The word ‘Tandoor’ is used to define the flavors that are extracted from the ingredients used in the recipe. Tandoori dishes are usually prepared in clay ovens. When food is cooked in the Tandoor oven, it can reach a high temperature of 400 degree celsius.


Tandoor dishes are considered to be healthy, since they are low on fat. The Tandoor can be used to cook meat, chicken, fish and also breads and rotis. Tandoor is used mostly in the Middle East countries to prepare traditional cuisines. Many people relish the Tandoor dishes especially because of the outer crispy skin created due to the heat generated from cooking the meat over the charcoal.

Tandoor dishes:

Some of the popular Tandoor dishes are Tandoori quail, Chicken kebab, Tandoori chicken, Seekh kebab and Tandoori lamb chops.

Today millions and millions of people around the world choose to eat Halal food because of the dietary restrictions, while others for religious purposes. So if you are looking out for halal restaurants in London, be sure to check out Delhi Brasserie, they have been serving big selection of Halal food suiting all tastes.

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