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Home Best Indian Restaurant near Oxford Street Let Yourself Be Overwhelmed By The Fragrance And Flavors Of The Indian Cuisine.

Let Yourself Be Overwhelmed By The Fragrance And Flavors Of The Indian Cuisine.

There are a myriad of cuisines to be tried around the world, but sometimes we just crave the taste of home. London has a huge Indian population and also prides itself on providing some of the most high-quality dining experiences in the world. For those who are looking forward to a stately experience, Delhi Brasserie restaurant is the best bet available. Enjoy the delicious Indian treat along with excellent service and pleasant surrounds in the heart of London’s trendy Soho.

IMG_1881-Halal Indian Restaurant

Located in the heart of London’s most happening city Soho, Delhi Brasserie- “The Best Indian restaurant near Covent garden” offers a great culinary wealth of Indian cuisine. With more than 25 years of experience, our chef will be delighted to offer you a variety of dishes inspired by different regions of India and surrounding countries. From Tandoori to grill, from Curry to Tikka massala, our products and spices are harmoniously selected to make you travel time for a friendly moment with friends, couples or family. The Delhi Brasserie also offers group meals up to 100 people for your birthdays, business meals or events of all kinds thanks to its two warm rooms.

Our Indian restaurant is particularly appreciated for its setting and culinary specialties of northern India, curries and baked tandoori dishes. All our guests enjoy and savor our spicy and colorful dishes. From appetizer to dessert, Delhi Brasserie serves deliciously scented and tasty food. The restaurant has a dreamy seating area that tempts you to spend more time at our restaurant.

The menu of the restaurant will evolve over the seasons to allow the customers of the Delhi Brasserie restaurant to discover the vast and astonishing gastronomic territory of our atypical chefs.

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