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Best Indian Restaurant Near Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus

For Quick View: Indian Restaurants Near Piccadilly Circus

Indian Restaurants Near Oxford Circus

Indian Restaurants Near Piccadilly Circus :

Piccadilly Circus built in 1819 is a popular public space and road junction located in the City of Westminster. The Oxford Circus built around the early 19th century, is a busy junction between Regent Street and Oxford Street in London. The word, Circus here is a Latin word relating to circle literally denotes the open space at the street junction. At the busiest time, around 40,000 pedestrians flock the junction per hour, making it the Europe’s busiest shopping street.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in London is the Piccadilly Circus. Similar to the former one, people visit this place to take photos in front of the advertisement hoarding or to sit near the statue of Eros. The Delhi brasserie is also at a very short distance from the Piccadilly Circus. Apart from the best visited places like Waterstones, Her Majesty’s Theater, The Delhi brasserie is one of the Best Indian restaurants near Piccadilly Circus that is dined by thousands of people every day. Whenever you think to dine in Best Indian restaurants in Piccadilly Circus then surely opt this.

Indian Restaurants Near Oxford Circus :

The busiest shopping street has trains in rather directions to Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street. The busy junction has a number of popular blue bars located around it. Everyday several thousands and thousands of people flock here to shop all day. There are several restaurants around this popular spot to dine in. Some of the restaurants are Pho Oxford Circus, Wahaca Oxford Circus and one of the most liked Indian restaurants near Oxford Circus is The Delhi brasserie. This Indian restaurant has wide range of Indian cuisines namely the North Indian and South Indian dishes to taste. Not only does it offer that it also provides a variety of desserts, drinks and also wines to try.


Indian cuisine consists of a wide range of traditional and regional cuisines that vary significantly from each other in taste. The Indian dishes concentrate solely on special herbs and spices to get the right flavors for the dishes. The Indian cuisine is broadly categorized into two, the North Indian and South Indian Cuisine. The North Indian is influenced entirely from the cuisine style of Central Asian and Middle Eastern. From Tandoori/ Grilled meat to delicious curries, is what the Indian cuisine encompassed with. Get ready to treat your taste buds gracefully with the rich and traditional cuisine, The Indian Cuisine.

Surely after a day out in shopping, we would definitely turn hungry at the end of the day or during the mid day. Apart from those in diets, generally when hungry we feel to have something that is very tasty and satisfying. Many of us, who tend to stay in Western countries, always try to opt for Mexican, Italian or Mediterranean style of cuisines. Whether you are a vegan or non vegan, Indian food is just awesome and irresistible. So, why don’t you try something different this time, by choosing Indian style?

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