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Best Indian Restaurants Near WhiteHall, London

Indian cuisine comprises of a wide range of cuisines that are traditional and regional but vary from each other significantly. Indian dishes concentrate their cuisine basically on herbs and spices. The dishes are highly influenced by several distinct cultures and traditions. However, Indian food generally reminds people about food that is spicy, hot yet delicious.

Whitehall is a famous street located in the City of Westminster in London. The place is recognized by people all over the world for Government buildings and ministries such as the Cabinet Office, Horse Guards and Ministry of Defense located around it. The street runs from Trafalgar Square down to Parliament Square. This busy street is not isolated from any restaurants especially from Indian restaurants especially, The Delhi brasserie.

If you are an Indian and stay far away in the western part of the world, you can never be deprived from your ancient Indian food. The Delhi brasserie is one such Indian restaurant that has gained quick reputation for its authentic Indian dishes. The restaurant dates back to 1985 and has its aim in keeping its customers happy with its wide range of Indian cuisine.

Why try The Delhi brasserie?

Movie Lovers:

Are you a movie lover, who cannot completer the weekend without a movie? If yes, then the restaurant, Delhi brasserie is very close to the famous theatres namely, Her majesty’s theatre and Prince Edward Theatre. So after spending an evening in the theatres, enjoy a grand dinner at the Delhi brasserie.


Wide Cuisine:

Many of us love to try out different dishes, aren’t we? Delhi brasserie comes with a vast cuisine ranging from, wine menu, liqueur menu, dessert menu and drinks menu. The desserts range from kulfi, pudding to delicious delights and liqueurs cuisine comprises of different varieties of brandy. The wines served by the restaurant range from Indian wines to Italy and French wines. All the food served by the restaurant is completely Halal.

Other attractions:

The Delhi brasserie is perfectly located near important tourist attractions such as, Piccadilly Circus, which is a popular road junction in London’s West End, Trafalgar Square and China Town, are yet another public places located in Westminster and Covent Garden is a popular destination to enjoyed by tourists.

Such popular attractions around The Delhi brasserie, makes it one of the best Indian restaurants near Whitehall to dine in. This weekend why don’t you plan for a lunch or dinner at the The Delhi brasserie in Whitehall with your family?

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