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Halal Indian Restaurant in Soho

With the Muslim population growing immensely throughout the globe, the demand for halal food is growing in parallel.  Muslims eat only certain type of meat in other words only those meats that are butchered or treated in a specific way. The halal certified dining is gradually flourishing everywhere.

London has many Indian restaurants and one of the best Halal Indian restaurants serving Halal meat in Soho London is Delhi Brasserie. Situated in the buzzy picturesque of Soho, the restaurant has been serving high quality Indian cuisine.

Delhi Brasserie chefs have extensive experience in traditional Indian cuisine and thus they have been keeping their visitors satisfied and happy with their special dishes. As a visitor you can expect an authentic Indian dining experience there. Seafood, vegetables and meat are cooked fresh every day, to ensure their diners are served the best food at their every visit. They have a huge variety of mouthwatering Indian foods for every occasion.


Each time I dined at Delhi Brasserie, I would seriously appreciate their flavorful- spicy dishes and yes- certainly I have a different experience dining there in comparison to other Asian restaurants. I should say I been really fortunate to taste authentic Indian cuisine here at the heart of London.

We loved their Lamb Korma, it was very creamy with a good blend of Indian spices and Chicken Tikka Marsala was too good, the chicken was very soft and juicy. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes in starters and desserts to relish.

Best Indian Restaurant

It is quite popular with visitors for the impassioned Indian desi experience the restaurant provides. The restaurant is just stone throw away from Oxford circus, Piccadilly Circus and is also one of the top notch Halal Indian restaurants near Trafalgar.

With many London’s popular attractions minutes’ away, you can easily plan your visit to the restaurant during the weekends. And definitely it is well worth a visit to this restaurant on your next trip to Soho.

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