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Taste the Authentic Indian Spices at DelhiBrasserie

DelhiBrasserie – Halal Restaurant in Central London is the place to taste exotic and incredible Indian food. We offer a richly varied menu as a catering services to your specific tastes. Our Chef and experienced staff boast the items in a possible way of best with authentic flavour. If you have never before experienced an Indian Cuisine you are in for a treat. All of our food are just natural and being prepared on daily premises with no additives and preservatives.

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Our menu is just rebellious with honoring traditional dishes by doing them better. Other dishes you might not expect it on the Indian menu? The sparked spicy chicken gravy, which is slowly cooked in its own juices and fall of the bone braised short ribs with the turmeric, cumin and garlic. You might be feeling tummy full,but you cannot skip dessert which includes a fabulous ice-cream sandwich crafted from a popular Indian cookie. And you would be more delighted when you see that when we offer a perfect wines for your private dine.

Our service is combined with an exceptional quality (i.e) our element. And we make sure that when our customer sits for a dinner, they feel light and when they are done, they rise with the same feeling of lightness and effortlessness. Ambience and atmosphere are luxurious and living up to one’s expectations. Rich and Traditional foods are always being served and will make you gleeful thoroughly as being said as Best Indian Restaurant in Central London.

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