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Discover The True Flavor Of Indian Cuisine At Delhi Brasserie

From the foothills of the Himalayas to the warm seas of the coast, the Delhi Brasserie- One of the best Indian Restaurant in Soho reflects the extremely varied and stimulating cuisine of India. Colorful, tasty and evocative of Indian terroir, each dish is carefully prepared and our chefs pay great attention to detail.

Indian Restaurant Soho UK

Your satisfaction is our high priority, where you will be warmly welcomed and treated like a VIP throughout your meal.

We are very proud of our guests’ praise, they reflect the flavor of our menus, which offer the promise of authentic Indian dishes prepared with passion and tradition!

PS: We serve Halal food


Of all the cuisines of the world, Indian cuisine is one of the most aromatic and colorful. The varieties of dishes and preparations are innumerable and vary according to the regions.

Curries and Thalis… All these timeless classics are prepared with unique recipes from our chefs.

Our specialty: Tandoori dishes. These grilled dishes are served with a fresh salad and a yogurt and herb sauce. The meat is marinated and seasoned with fresh herbs before and during traditional tandoori baking

Indian-made vegetables are here to enhance the aroma and freshness of your dishes. Light and healthy, they are perfect as a side dish or as a main course, ideal for vegetarians.

If you wish to leave your evaluation of your experience at Delhi Brasserie – The Halal Restaurant in Soho, do not hesitate to drop us an email. We can not wait to hear your comments!

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