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Best Indian restaurants near Piccadilly Circus

If you are one who stays in London, then you can never be unaware of Piccadilly Circus, aren’t you? Piccadilly Circus is one of the most popular and visited place in North London. The word circus in the name does not relate to the actual meaning but denotes the open space at the street junction. Let us dive into some interesting facts about Piccadilly.

Piccadilly Circus was built in the late 1819 is situated in the City of Westminster. Throughout the day, people throng to take snaps near the statue of Eros or in front of the advertisement hoarding.

Indian Restaurants near Piccadilly Circus

My Visit:

We often plan out for outings for different places every Sunday with the entire family. We hadn’t visited Piccadilly Circus from a long time, so finally sketched a plan to visit on the upcoming weekend. It was on a bright Sunday morning some days back, that we prepared ourselves to explore Piccadilly Circus.

After arriving at the place around 10:30 in the late morning, we started to hit the several popular spots around the circus. Some of the places we explored were, Statue of Eros, Cool Britannia and Karl Marx the Walking Tour. We also wanted to watch a movie with the full family, so we watched’ The Conjuring 2’ at the Piccadilly Theatre. Though there are some more theatres around the circus like Lyric Theatre London, Lyric Theatre London and Prince of Wales Theatre, we had to move to Piccadilly Theatre due to the availability of the tickets. The movie finally got over around 7 in the evening.

Indian Restaurants near Piccadilly Circus

We were damn hungry because of a long day out shopping and visiting places. We finally wanted to dine into a restaurant and have some good food, to fill in our tired tummies! So we were in a lookout for some restaurant we hadn’t tried before. Suddenly, the restaurant, ‘The Delhi brasserie’ struck me. My colleague, who was an Indian often, told me it was one of the Best Indian restaurants near Piccadilly Circus. I was in a dilemma but somehow we landed in ‘The Delhi brasserie.

Indian Restaurants near Piccadilly Circus

My Munch:

We entered Delhi brasserie and just loved their ambience and service offered by them. We finally settled down but were puzzled about what to actually order! Since my family has no idea about Indian cuisines, we finally gave up to the waiters to tell us about the most ordered dishes. After some discussions with my family, I ordered dishes like Bread stuffed with mince meat, Mushrooms cooked with special herbs and Cottage cheese and spinach cooked with herbs. The food was served to us in the best way by their professional and the taste of the food was overwhelming. The price of the dishes was not too costly but priced optimally. We left the restaurant happily with full satisfaction and eagerness to visit it again.

It is for sure the Best Indian restaurants near Piccadilly Circus. So, if you haven’t visited this restaurant then why don’t you try Indian cuisine this weekend?

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