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Relish Your Taste Buds With Kerala Fish Curry At Delhi Brasserie Soho

I hope you might have read my tandoori recipe and have tried it at your home and this time I am goanna share sea food recipes. This recipe is very famous in Kerala and most of the people love this dish because of the different taste that we do it in our own home town.

I think now you are ready to prepare this mouth watering recipe Kerala fish curry. It is a very basic fish curry recipe but the flavors of coconut milk and cocoum will take the dish to the next level. This recipe is very famous and it can be tasted in best Indian restaurants in Piccadilly Circus.


food icon Nammen Fish – ½ kg

food icon Onion – 1 small

food icon Small onion – 8 to 10

food icon Ginger crushed – 1 tsp

food icon Garlic crushed – 1 tsp

food icon Green chili – 2 to 3

food icon Chilli powder – 1 tsp

food icon Coriander powder – 1 tsp

food icon Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

food icon Fenugreek powder – ½ tsp

food icon Kudampuli – 2 to 4 pieces

food icon Mustard seeds- ½ tsp

food icon Coconut milk – 2 cup

food icon Coconut oil

food icon Salt

food icon Curry Leaves


food icon Take a bowl – Mix the chilli powder + coriander powder+ turmeric powder+ fenugreek powder+ black pepper powder – >Finally few tsp of water to form a thick paste

food icon A thick paste (masala) has been made and it is kept aside

food icon Heat the oil in Clay pot (manchetti) – > Cooking in Clay pots add great taste to the fish curry hence most of the people prefer Clay pots to cook the fish items

food icon Add mustard seeds and let it splutter – >Add curry leaves

food icon Add shallots ->fry for few min till it becomes golden brown

food icon Add crushed ginger and garlic – > Wait for a while

food icon Add the masala – > Sauté for few min – > Add water -> Mix Well

food icon Add tamarind water ->Add Salt – > Boil It

food icon Now add the fish pieces and mix well

food icon Cover the clay pot with the plate – > Wait for few min

food icon Open the lid and check whether the fish is cooked and gravy becomes thick

food icon Now the Kerala fish curry is served with rice

The best Kerala fish curry is now ready and this is the favorite dish for most of the customers in Delhi brasserie which is the best Indian restaurant in soho.

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