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Taste The Best Halal Indian Cuisine At – Delhi Brasserie

The Delhi Brasserie is a famous Indian Restaurant in Soho, London that has been serving the highest quality Halal Indian cuisine to the discerning diner in the heart of the most fashionable part of London’s trendy Soho. By ensuring food meets halal criteria, retailers and restaurants are making their products suitable for the UK’s Muslim population.

Islam is London’s second largest religion. 38% of England’s Muslims live in London, where they represent 12.4% of the population. Halal food at Delhi Brasserie is prepared appropriately for human consumption. A meat is considered Halal only if the slaughter involves cutting the carotid artery of the animal and letting the blood drain. The primary reason they do this is because they believe that God has instructed them to do so.

Little wonder that there are so many things to see and do within such a short walk – from world-renowned museums and galleries through the best shopping districts in the country, and dozens of top-quality theatres. Our Soho restaurant is right in the thick of things in the middle of bustling Soho, right at the heart of the West End. The Delhi Brasserie is perfectly located no matter what your needs, with many of London’s most popular attractions all just a few minutes’ walk away.

To book a table or to arrange a party, please either: Call us – 020 7437 8261 (or) Email us –


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