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The festive season is characterized by happiness, affection, and unity. During this time, members of a family come together with their friends creating unique moments that last a lifetime. People celebrate Christmas all over the world; however, every location includes its interpretation of the holiday season. Christmas is uniquely dear to Londoners, and they can now feel it again at DelhiBrasserie Soho London, where this celebration has found its way to South Indian Restaurant in Soho.

For this Christmas, come and enjoy an exciting south Indian platter at the DelhiBrasserie Soho London. Our team of chefs are excited to serve traditional south Indian menu of Chettinad fiery Chicken, aromatic dishes and Malibar coast-line sea food varieties as christmas day lunch and dinner. Our menu brings in the savoring taste of South Indian delicacies coupled with the seasonal cheer by integrating the flavors of Christmas.And the best part? Our Indian restaurant is open for christmas day and everyday throughout the holidays.

Vegan and Vegetarian Specials for Christmas In London 2023

While the majority prefers non-vegetarian options. We are not at all neglecting our Vegetarian customers. Our vegan serves leaves feeling nostalgic for this holiday season with vegetarian meals, biriyani or Indian bread items with paneer tikka. We are keeping your healthy choices on our menu as well, so that you don’t feel left out to dig in with friends and family for your Christmas dinners in 2023

Christmas Dinner

Festive Drinks and Wines

What is a Christmas eve dinner without some good old wine and beverages? Delhi Brasserie presents holiday special cocktails and drinks. We have our own mix of taste served with beverages. Enjoy Tamarind Margarita and Aperitifs with your christmas dinner to leave our dinner with absolute satisfaction. 

 Like we said, you need to relish in our range of French House Wine and strong Red wine. Apart from the classic champagne, there are other beverages you need to check out when you are coming for Christmas dinner for a group or on your own at our eatery.

 Ambiance And Decor

Delhi Brasserie is your host this year for a special Christmas dinner for two or your entire group. We boast the festive ambiance according to the spirit of Christmas served with our one-of-a-kind food items. Whether it is Christmas eve dinner or full course Christmas lunch, dig in at our Indian Restaurant in Soho, London. Don’t forget our restaurant is open on Christmas day.

Christmas Dinner for group

Join Us for a Christmas Feast

This Christmas, we invite you to step into DelhiBrasserie and immerse yourself in a festive experience like no other. With our special Christmas dinner menu, festive drinks, and entertainment, we’re ready to make your Christmas celebration in Soho, London, truly memorable. Book your tables now and join us in bringing a South Indian Taste to your Christmas festivities!


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