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Why Indian Food is So Popular in London

It is undeniable that Indian cuisine is among the finest in the world. Besides its great flavours, and best aroma, traditional Indian food is a healthy choice.

While cuisines across the world use dollops of fat and meat fat, traditional Indian food is prepared in pure clarified butter. The total calories in any Indian dish are less and thus much better for the health-conscious diner.

While Londoners are cautious about their diet intake, Indian cuisine is healthy and ideal for dieters. Though the calorie is minimal, the taste is incredible. You will find low-cal desserts, soft and wholesome but delicious Indian breads and also dishes to complement. Thus, serving the widest crowd, this cuisine is building popularity in London, at dining destinations.

Best Indian Restaurant in London to Experience Authentic Tastes

The authentic Indian tastes are most luring. It is most fortunate that there are the best Indian restaurants in London where diners can enjoy their favourite fare. With flavoursome rice recipes and varieties of Indian breads, there are plenty of delicacies to choose from.

One classic example of the best Indian restaurant in London is Delhi Brasserie. With comfortable seating and a great ambience, the restaurant is perfect for large groups. The chefs are rightly bringing in the impeccable taste of the Colonial era and rendering exquisite flavours to all the dishes. Located in Soho, in Central London, this top Indian restaurant is easily accessible from all parts of London.

What is the Top Choice for Vegetarian Food in London?

As a vegetarian, you may find it difficult to locate the best vegetarian restaurants in London. As a vegetarian or even vegan food lover, you will love to visit Delhi Brasserie, one of the top 10 vegetarian restaurants in the city.

Delicious vegan foods prepared with the finest ingredients employing the best cooking techniques, Delhi Brasserie has some scrumptious dishes that will truly delight you. Prepared in the finest hygienic standards using good quality ingredients, you will simply love your dining experience at the restaurant.

Indian Cuisine – A Brief History of India’s Culinary Journey

The history of Indian food is rather interesting. In the prime years of Indian cuisine, vegan food was popular. The North Indian parts of the country were the regions where some of the finest dishes and desserts were ever prepared.

You will be amazed to know that Indian cuisine is almost 8,000 years old. Since the earlier years, the cuisine is popular for its aromatic spices such as coriander, pepper, turmeric, chilli and condiments such as refined oil, cardamom, fenugreek, clarified butter, mint, cumin and plenty of others.

The cooking techniques used in Indian cooking are also special. Unique ovens are used for baking Indian breads and huge brass pots are used to cook meat. Some of the most divine dishes and desserts are from the royal kitchens of the Mughal emperors as these are highly appreciated in the contemporary era too.

The Mughals taught Indian chefs to cook meat using expert techniques so that they are exceptionally tasty. The processes are still in practice and food patrons across Asia and other global destinations relish the non-vegan dishes greatly. Truly sinful indulgences, these are!

There are also diverse varieties of Indian breads made from multi-grains dating back years in the history of Indian cuisine. Baked in Indian ovens for decades, these breads are complemented with thick-gravied vegan and non-vegan dishes.

Indian cuisine is now popular across the globe for its special flavours, aroma and great taste. It is among the most preferred choice for dieters as the dishes are low-cal but very tasty. This helps curb weight gaining. Indian cuisine is nutritious and also has great fibre content. Thus, food patrons and healthy eaters are alike keen to enjoy this cuisine.


Most dishes served in Indian restaurants is great in nutritive value, taste, flavour and low in calories. Indian food is voted among the healthiest one in the world. There are plenty of food patrons experimenting with Indian dishes and you can plan a great dining experience too. All the dishes are tasty and flavoured with an array of herbs that you will love the experience

Tips On How To Eat Out At An Indian Restaurant


Scan the Menu

Once you are at the restaurant, get ahold of the menu. The name of the dishes and their ingredients, details will be provided. Check if you like the ingredients of the dish. Talk to your waiter and they will provide information on the dishes. Order the item.


You do not have to stick safely to the same dishes that you may know. Experiment freely. There is no harm in trying out new dishes. All Indian dishes are delicious and won’t affect your digestion in any way. In fact, condiments such as cumin, and fenugreek aid digestion and they are freely used in the dishes.

Try the Desserts

Indian desserts are simply awesome. You should essentially try out all the desserts on the menu – one after the other. You will simply love the Indian ice cream – Kulfi loaded with nuts or Gulab Jamun if you have a sweet tooth. Try them all!

Diet Conscious Cuisine

Indian food is a lighter fare and you can pursue your diet by opting for the cuisine.

War of Flavours

There are endless flavours in Indian cuisine. Each dish is a blend of flavours such as – tangy, sweet, salty, herbed, or even spicy flavours. Dig into some of the most delicious dishes and have a feast. All the dishes are easy to digest and you won’t have the slightest problem or digestion issues even though you may consume more.

Starters are a Must!

Start your dining with some aperitifs and crispy starters- this will introduce you to Indian cuisine. You can enjoy delicious vegan and non-vegan starters, and start relishing the Indian spread.

When are you planning your culinary journey with Indian cuisine…Surely, you will love your experience well… Step ahead!

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