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Delhi Brasserie Desserts and Liqueurs Menu

Delhi Brasserie Restaurant Soho Desserts Menu

Something Sweet At The End Of Your Indian Meal

Indian desserts are famous since the reigning period of Mughal emperors. Many of these delectable desserts are right from the regal kitchens. At the end of a lavish spread, you can relish the sweet fare that we have listed in our menu.

There are liqueurs to enjoy at the end of your dining and you will find them easily on our menu. For many, their dining is incomplete without a drink of their most relished liqueurs. Have a sip of your favourite liqueur seated comfortably in the ambient space of Delhi Brasserie.


Ferrero Rocher — £5.50

World-famous rich Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce topped with Ferrero Rocher

Cadbury’s Flake — £5.50

Elegant glass served with dairy ice cream layered with thick Cadbury chocolate sauce and Cadbury’s Flake

Cookies & Cream — £5.50

A rich chocolatey cookie dunked in delicious creamy vanilla ice cream – to satisfy the milk and cookie kid in us all!

Matka Kulfi — £5.50

Creamy luscious dessert made with pistachio kulfi ice cream, containing saffron and topped with almonds and pistachio nuts

Coconut Supreme — £4.90

Cool and delicious coconut ice cream packed into a real half coconut shell

Royal Pot — £5.50

Toffee flavoured ice cream topped with delicious milk toffee pieces in an attractive pot

Delhi Ka Laddu — £5.50

Homemade sweets, very popular in Delhi

Golap Jamon — £5.50

Home-made sweets, made from milk and flour, served in a sugar syrup

Rice Pudding — £5.50

Homemade rice pudding, made from rice, milk, coconut, honey and sugar

Coffee — £3.50

Indian masala tea — £5.50

Irish coffee — £7.50

Liqueur coffee — £7.50


Vecchia Romagna (Italian Brandy) — £5.50

Courvoisier — £5.50

Remy Martin (V.S.O.P.) — £5.50

Armagnac (V.S.O.P.) — £5.50

Calvados — £5.50

Hine Antique (Cognac) — £7.50

Benedictine — £4.90

Cointreau — £4.90

Tia Maria — £4.90

Crème de menthe — £4.90

Southern Comfort — £4.90

Drambuie — £4.90

Sambuca — £4.90

Amaretto — £4.90

Baileys — £4.90

Galliano — £4.90

Grand Marnier — £4.90

Port — £4.90

We have a wide range of desserts that you can find at Delhi Brasserie from Matka Kulfi, Coconut Delight, Royal Pot and Flute Hazel to Mouchak, Rice Pudding, and Indian Masala Tea along with a variety of other desserts.

In order to ensure that all the requirements of the guests are met, we also bring exotic Italian brandy and grand marnier liqueur that you will surely enjoy and relish. We go to great lengths to ensure that you have a wide range of deserts and liqueurs that you are going to love. We always take great care to deliver the best service and experience to our guests.

At Delhi Brasserie, we work hard to ensure that we are one of the best Indian restaurants with alcohol for our guests. We believe that, as a restaurant that wants to serve our guests with the best services and menus,

it is our duty to bring them the best desserts and liqueurs. And looking at the menu that we have here for the same, you will surely agree with the same. You can pick any of the deserts or liqueurs on the menu right here and we are confident that you will have the best drinking experience at Delhi Brasserie.

As a guest-centric Indian restaurant with alcohol in London, we go great lengths to create a unique dining experience for all our guests. Bringing them a range of liqueurs and desserts is one way of us doing the same. All our service staff are at your service, and we hope that you enjoy your time at the Delhi Brasserie, the best Indian restaurant with alcohol in Soho, London.

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